Hallie Darphin

Hallie Darphin Brand
Founder and Owner

Hallie Darphin Brand is the founder and owner of Dot Products. She lives in Pearl, Mississippi with her cute husband Gus and their puppy-butt Maestro. At Dot Products, she spends her days helping college students and young families create world change through art and school supplies. She is obsessed with the color yellow and her hometown of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and she looks forward to the day when all kids around the world are given the chance to thrive through education.  

Alana Nardini
Operations Assistant

Former Dot Intern and recent Millsaps College graduate, Alana is our go-to girl for getting things done. From customer questions to order fulfillment, Alana has a hand in it.

Alana loves food, French culture, and spending time with friends and family--in Jackson, MS and around the world. Her motto is "Today where I am, Tomorrow where I go, and to the Ends of my life to the ends of the earth."  


College Interns

2016-2017 School Year


Emily Senter - Art Collaboration

Emily is a sophomore at Mississippi College. She's from Belmont, MS and is a studio art major. She is a believer in all things grace, flowers, stars, chicken nuggets, candles, fruit, socks, animals, friendship, lattes, guacamole, mountains, and any music featuring a mandolin. She loves driving with the windows down, painting, and just listening to music! Have good music she probably hasn't heard of? She wants to hear your recommendations!

Alexa Jenkins - Social media and Operations

Alexa Jenkins is a senior at Mississippi College from Bogalusa, Louisiana. She is an English Writing major and a Christian Studies minor with a love for all of the words. Alexa surrounds herself with used books, strong coffee, good concerts, string cheese, striped shirts, and people who ask good questions. 

Brooke Bruce - Shop Girl

Brooke Bruce is a sophomore at Mississippi College from Memphis, Tennessee and is a Business Administration major at Mississippi College. She is an identical twin and is passionate about Christ, concerts, and Chipotle. If you need to find her she is probably studying in the library or shopping at Ulta!  


Kimberlee Keltner - Shop Girl

Kimberlee is a junior at Mississippi College. She is from Hernando, Mississippi and is majoring in Elementary Education. She loves people, making jewelry, traveling, and all things sporty.  Random fact- I have an extra bone in my hand. When she "grows up", she wants to teach and make jewelry to eternally impact people all over the world. She loves dogs and aspires to be as good a friend as her dog.