This summer, we partnered with a team of incredible college students to launch the Dot Planner into the world. We've spent the fall using the Planner, and we're excited to announce we've created The Dot Planner : Second Edition! It's everything you loved about our First Edition, with a metal wire binding, more durable letterpressed cover, and updated graphics throughout.

As always, every Dot Product funds half a day of school for our students around the world. Do One Thing to change the world with us today!

Order by December 18
to ensure Christmas delivery.

The Updates

13 Monthly Page Spreads

Inside The Planner

The Dot Planner is based around the idea that simplicity allows creativity.

We designed the planner to be equally simple and functional, beautiful but without so many pieces that you are overwhelmed in the process of planning.  We've left the planner undated to allow you to plan around your schedule. The planner includes monthly and weekly spreads, as well as coloring pages, a map to mark your adventures, and pages for note-taking. 


7 Coloring Pages and 30 Notes Spreads

56 Weekly Page Spreads


It Started with a student and a big idea...

Last spring, Sarah Kate Griffin walked into the Dot Shop and asked if we had ever considered creating a planner. We told her we had, but, as many things in small business are, we had a long list of projects that had to get done first! We talked for a while that day about what we like and dislike in planners, and a week later, SK was back in the office with a layout and a ton of courage. We said an enthusiastic "Yes!" to the project, with one catch: Sarah Kate would be the one in charge! We called it a "Dot Student Project" and recruited a team of talented college students to put it together. We launched the first edition this summer, and we've spent the fall putting it to use. We've made some fun updates to the original, and now we're excited to launch the second edition during the Deeply Market this month. Preorder yours today, and we'll have it to you by the second week in December.

Supplies limited. 


The Contributors


Student Visionary

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.45.06 AM.png

Graphic Designer



Coloring Page Artist



Coloring Page Artist