We're looking for college students who are passionate about alleviating poverty and affecting change in the world. 

The Dot internship occurs in two seasons each year: School Year and Summer. School Year interns work 5-10 hours a week in office and virtually. Summer interns work 20-30 hours a week in office and at regional events.

Interns are required to live within commuting distance to our Offices in Clinton. Because of this, our School Year interns should be enrolled in a Clinton/Jackson area school. Summer interns can be enrolled in school anywhere in the US, as long as they relocate to our area for the summer. 

School Year 2016-2017 Applications are closed. Apply here for Summer 2017! 

Intern Hall of Fame

Claire Winesett. Summer 2016

Grace Jones. Spring 2016

Tyler Chambliss. Summer 2016

Tatum Rosenbaum. 2015-2016
School Year

Lauren Livingston. Summer 2016

Kendall Hardy. 2015-2016
School Year

Katie Morehead. Fall 2015



Mary Cockrell. Summer 2015

Erica Voss. Summer 2015


Hailey Elder. Spring 2015

Ashton Ray. Spring 2015

Morgan Barber. Fall 2014