A Spring Update!

Hey Dot friends,

Hallie here. Founder and CEO of Dot Products. Which is a really fancy term that basically means I'm in charge around here. We're looking for a new title for me that doesn't conjure up images of old white-haired men in suits talking about the stock market. Got suggestions?  

So there's a lot going on in the Dot world lately, and I've been dying to tell y'all all about all the things coming. 

First, Dot is now my full-time thing! After deciding in January to go on the Southern Foray (the 15-city-roadtrip we've recently returned from), I knew I'd have to quit my job. I was working about 20 hours a week doing customer service at a local office space and couldn't take off three weeks. It has been my goal the whole time I've been doing Dot to go full-time, as that's clearly the best way to serve our students both here and around the world, but it's a little intimidating to make that move forward. We've gotten to a place where I've got things to do for at least 40 hours every week (if not much more!), so I made the leap and have been officially full-time for just about a month now! Thank you for everyone who has purchased from Dot, visited us on the Southern Foray, or helped sponsor an event. You have made it possible for this dream to become reality. 

Second, we have a home! For the first eight months of Dot, I was working out of my bedroom. There was a HUGE stack of boxes on one wall and my desk was covered in all things Dot. Needless to say, I was thrilled(!!!) when we were offered a space in LifeHouse Mississippi, a beautiful new ministry space in downtown Jackson. (More to come on LifeHouse soon. I'm so excited about it!) Through this space, we'll be able to grow our product lines, bring in more people to volunteer, and allow Dot to grow as we've prayed it would! We had a great turnout at our Open House last week and would love to show you around when you're in the Jackson area. Email me to set up a time to come see us! 

 Ashton and Hailey sent me this one after a day in the Dot Office!

Ashton and Hailey sent me this one after a day in the Dot Office!

Third, Interns! There's an entire post coming soon about my love for interns, but just know it's huge. Ashton and Hailey are doing a fantastic job, and I literally could not have done the Southern Foray or many other things this spring without them. It has been incredible to have them in the office bringing new life and ideas to the Dot world each week. (SNEAK PEEK: We've officially "hired" one summer intern and are interviewing this week and next! We've extended the application deadline, so get those applications in by THIS FRIDAY!) I don't know if y'all realize how pivotal they are to the ministry we do, but I can't say enough how much I appreciate college students who give up their time so that we can work hard and send more kids to school around the world. 
Know a college student who would be a great intern? Send us their information today!


Fourth, new products! As we've been alluding to on Instagram, we've got some new products launching soon. If you've been at an event with Dot recently, you may have gotten a peek into what those look like. Keep checking back for updates as we release more information as May approaches!

There you go! Just a brief update on the Dot world to get you all caught up. We're so excited to bring you new opportunities to get involved with Dot, and we'll be back often here with more information on all that's going on!

So many thanks from me and students around the world,