#PlanOneThing : The People Behind The Planner

Hey friends! If you've been following this adventure of creating a planner, you know that there's an incredible team of college students that have worked to make it possible. Today, as the first piece of our #PlanOneThing series, we wanted to introduce you to the girls! I (Hallie, founder and owner of Dot), asked the girls a couple questions to let you in on the talent behind the planner and what they were thinking as they dreamed up this beautiful book! Read about each girl below, and check back tomorrow for our next post : The Making Of A Planner! 

The Girls


Sarah Kate Griffin


Kylie Stinson


Melissa Sones


Sara Beth Pardue


Student Visionary
Find her on Instagram : @sk.griff

Q: Tell me about yourself. 
A: I am a senior at Mississippi College, which usually makes me gulp pretty hard considering May is kind of a question mark.  I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Studio Art and General Business.  I love all things stationery & school supplies.  I think my favorite thing to do is learn -- from new subjects in school to new hobbies to new adventures! Speaking of learning, I am learning to love coffee--I’ve loved the atmosphere of it for a long time, but I am finally coming around to the drink.

Q: What made you pursue creating a planner with Dot?
A: Honestly, I was discontent (in February, whoops) with my planner, and really lots of planners that I have had over the years.  After thinking and lots of self-pep talks, I finally got the courage to waltz into The Dot Shop. Instead of studying for a test one night, I doodled some ideas. Before walking in the Shop, I had butterflies in my stomach & my nerves were all over the place; however, there was just something about those two ladies who were so encouraging.  When they said I was going to head it up, I was floored; never did I think they would do that, but their confidence in me spurred me onward.  From there I slowly (not because I didn’t want to scream it from the rooftops, but because I was scared it wasn’t going to happen) began letting in my community; and their support helped me to take bolder steps, confident that doors were flying opened and that this was so much bigger than a planner.  So really, I know this was a God thing & that is where my courage came and continues to come from--and that has spurred me forward in leaving every ounce on the table.  From overcoming fears of social media to learning communication as a unit, this entire process has been breaking boundaries & the growth is something that is both hard and good.   

Q: Why did you choose the people you chose to help you create this planner?
A: I still am just in awe that Hallie put the task of forming a team in my hands.  I was sure that this project turned planner was just going to be something my idea initiated & then Hallie and the Dot Team ran with.  Nope.  Hallie’s confidence in me, helped me to have confidence in choosing these ladies that have poured so much into this planner.  

First, I needed a graphic designer.  I have seen Kylie’s masterpieces as I have worked alongside her over the past year, and the minute I needed a graphic designer, I just knew.  This entire process has been a whole lot of relationship building on top of spreads and material picking; and getting to know Kylie has been one of the biggest blessings from this.  Her creativity and passion merged together in all the right ways to bring this vision to life!

Knowing I wanted to incorporate illustrations into the planner (as a stress reliever for me and hopefully you too), my first thought was that I needed a theme.  I had seen some of Melissa's and SaraBeth’s artwork, and I loved their styles and their hearts; so I quickly began connecting dots to make it all work.  Thankfully Kylie and Hallie helped with those dots, and we decided that Melissa could do a spread inspiring users to do one thing in your home, while SB inspired to do one thing as you travel.  And let me tell you, when they said yes and sent in their designs, Hallie, Kylie, and I were ecstatic & they merged together beautifully!


Graphic Designer
Find her on Instagram: @kyliestnsn

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: I'm from Tyler, Texas and am a junior at Mississippi College. I'm a graphic design major but I’m pretty much always searching for a new art skill to learn. (Currently it’s sewing, with the goal of making my own clothes!) I'm constantly pushing myself to create, whether it’s taking portraits, designing wedding invitations, painting, or making a planner. When I'm creating, I love listening to either podcasts or musical soundtracks. I’m passionate about traveling and meeting people around the world because it really reminds me how big our God is.

Q: How did you get into graphic design?
A: I’ve always loved art, but I thought it would always just be a hobby. That changed when my high school art teacher showed me that art could be a career beyond being a teacher. I chose a graphic design major not because I knew anything about it, but because it seemed like the most practical art degree. In my career so far, people have constantly had faith in me and seen more in me than even I did. I started my first major graphic design job, helping design icons for an app, when I had practically nothing in my portfolio. Despite this, my boss saw the art I had done and chose to give me a chance. Someone else who gave me a chance was Sarah Kate! I had obviously never designed a planner and wasn’t exactly proficient in InDesign (the software I used to design the planner), but SK believed in the art that I had done and that our style and passions would be a good fit. And I’m so glad that she did.

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner Team?
A: I was studying in London when SK asked me to be on the planner team. I had been praying about my fall semester, and which 3 or 4 things I could commit to so that I wouldn’t spread myself too thin. I knew this would be a big yes, but even despite the distance in both time and miles from fall semester, I knew this was a yes I needed to say. This was an encouraging and life-giving project, and one that could potentially help others simplify too!

Coloring Page Illustrator
Find her on Instagram: @mell_31

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: My name is Melissa Sones. I am a sophomore Interior Design major at Mississippi State University and a member of Chi O. I'm truly a kid at heart. My favorite movies are Trolls and Moana, and I strive to be like Princess Poppy! I love scrunchies, and on my 20th birthday, I got ID'd for a rated R movie because I look like a kid too! 

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner team?
A: I said yes because I wanted to express my love for drawing by creating fun sketches of interior objects for people to let their imaginations run free while planning. I love to plan and know how stressful it can become sometimes so I think the doodle spreads are perfect for a little stress relief. I had so much fun creating the spread and hope everyone enjoys it!!


Coloring Page Illustrator
Find her on Instagram: @sara_beth_pardue

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: Hey, my name is Sara Beth Pardue! I'm nineteen years old and I'm a sophomore at Hinds Community College. I'm studying Art and if you're around long enough you'll catch me talking unapologetically about clothes. Although I have declared a major I like to keep an open mind about my future and give myself room to explore. I really hope my exploration includes opening my own clothing store one day! In addition to fashion I like to let my other creative juices flow -- I have been drawing since I can remember but I really started concentrating on the arts only as a senior in high school.

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner team?
A: I said yes to being an illustrator in the DOT planner because if a simple piece of art can provoke someone to take action in any part of their life, I feel that I have successfully taken my opportunity to offer what I can. Also, anything that Sarah Kate is apart of is bound to be amazing!

And there you have it, the Dot Planner Team! I hope you've loved learning about our girls as much as I've enjoyed working with them. We only have about 30 planners left, so grab yours today! 

Join us tomorrow for part two of the series: The Making of a Planner!