We're designing a new Dot T-shirt, and we need you! We love working with you on our hand-painted journals, so we are so excited to include you in this project too! We are passionate about empowering students, whether that be our student sponsor children around the world or local student artists, so we are thrilled to collaborate with the the talented students around us!

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 What We Need From You :

A T-Shirt design that encompasses our motto "Do One Thing" and keeps in mind that we are a school and art supply company. "Do One Thing" means something different to everyone; from the choices we make about the products we buy, to using our art for good, be creative and figure out what it means to you. We also want this to be a great product for everyone, so try to keep the design relatively gender neutral. Overall, get creative and make this your own!

What You Get From Us : 

Your design on our t-shirt! You'll also receive 3 shirts for you and your friends, an opportunity to collaborate with Dot on a hand-painted journal line, $75 worth of Dot Products, and a Starbucks giftcard! 

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The Rules : 

  1. Artists must be enrolled in an educational program of some sort. (A.K.A You gotta be a student.)

  2. All artwork must be one of a kind and completely unique to the artist.

  3. To submit your design, email the design in JPG file along with a picture of yourself to hallie@dotproducts.org then fill out our Google Form. We will email you when we receive your completed submission.

  4. Unfortunately, current and former Dot Interns are not eligible to apply.

We are so excited to see what you come up with! For more information go to dotproducts.org/designourtee. We can't wait to hear from you!