All Things Busy in the Dot World!

Hey friends! Hallie Darphin, Dot's Founder, here. 

We're getting settled into our new space in Clinton, and we've realized that we've been a little all over the place lately. A lot has happened, and we wanted to share all the pieces with you! We are so excited about the things that are going on here at Dot, and we see each one of you as a vital part of "Doing One Thing" to make a difference in the world. Here's a recap of our last month and a half! 


1. Dot Products became a team of two (plus lots of wonderful Dot Interns, of course!) as Alana Nardini joined our team as the Operations Assistant! Alana is a new graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS and has been an intern for the past year. I am so excited to have her on the team! She'll be helping to curate new items from local makers and social enterprises in the Dot Shop, answering your email questions, and bringing organization to our growing world!


2. We said goodbye to our sweet first home at LifeHouse Mississippi in Jackson, MS. Through our time at LifeHouse, we grew and changed and learned. We will always be so thankful for our LifeHouse community and the friendships that we have there. Though we're no longer doing daily life in downtown Jackson, LifeHouse always have a part of our heart! 

3. We said hello to Clinton, MS and the beautiful new Dot Office and Shop on the Brickstreets! When we were looking for office space to fit, we wanted a place with a small retail area where we could share our favorite brands and makers with our local friends, and we found the PERFECT place in a beautiful 100 year old home that has been remodeled as an office. The front room is our retail space and the rest our offices. We've had so much fun curating a line of products from local artists and give-back brands that we think you will love, and we opened for business June 30th! 


4. Then we got on a plane and traveled to Haiti to meet with our artisans and work in the schools!
Read more about our trip from team members on our blog posts here

Lauren Livingston



5. One day home from Haiti and we welcomed our Summer Intern Team! Learn more about the interns by clicking on their pictures. These girls have been working hard and playing hard. 

And that's that! The past month or so has been the most wonderful blur, and we're so excited to settle down in Clinton and find our place on the Brickstreets. Now that we have a home to welcome you into, we'd love to see you come by and learn more about the ways you can "Do One Thing" to make a difference in the world. 

--Hallie and the Dot Team