The Yellow Fireplace

 Hallie in front of the yellow fireplace. 

            I walked into the room, and the first thing I noticed was the yellow fireplace.  In a room full of white, it stood out.  Something about it spoke to me.  I knew it was important, but I didn’t yet know why.  I couldn’t decide if it reminded me of something from the past or if it just appealed to my senses.  Looking back, I realize that it is what made me know I would be at home at Dot and with Hallie. 

            Hallie and I sat down to have our own version of an interview; which means we talked about life for two hours.  When we sat down, I told her that I love the fireplace, and she proceeded to tell me the story of the room where we sat. 

            When Hallie first came to tour LifeHouse, it was a mess.  Actually, it was falling apart.  The house was undergoing renovations and was definitely a work in progress.  As she toured through, not knowing that one-day she would be working here, each room seemed to be just like any other.  “I’ve always been a little dramatic, so I asked God to give me a sign if this is where I should be,” said Hallie in reference to that first walkthrough. 

            When she walked up the stairs, she saw three different rooms that were all similar, but as she walked in the last one, she noticed something special: a yellow fireplace.  Yellow had always been special to Hallie.  Since she was a little girl, it has been her favorite color and a sign of good things.  This was the sign she had been seeking.  She noted that this was the room where she would like to see her business thrive.  This was the room where God could take Dot from a college kid with a dream to a faithful woman with a purpose, and that is exactly what He did.

            On January 11, 2015 Halle moved into LifeHouse.  She moved into the very room where she imagined her life changing.  She moved into the room with the yellow fireplace.

            One full year later, I am sitting on the floor of this room, next to the yellow fireplace, looking up at Hallie, and I am amazed.  This yellow fireplace evolved from a beacon shining in a big mess, to a symbol of God’s provision for Dot.  It represents this crazy story of what happens when one girl has faith in one God, and the two do amazing things together. 

            The yellow fireplace is a story of providence.  It is the story of Dot and the story of Hallie, and now, the yellow fireplace is a part of my story too.   


--Grace Jones, 2016 School Year Intern