Do One Thing: Spring Break Edition

Hey guys, Grace here!

Let’s be honest.  Spring Break is the best.  We love it because it comes exactly when we need it.  Our lives are chaotic, and we are desperate for a breather, and in comes our rescue: Spring Break.  All of this is great and very needed, but what if Spring Break could be a time used to cultivate instead of just chill?  What would that even look like?  Well, I think it can look different for everyone.


1. Home

This Spring Break, I will be heading home to Dallas to spend some much needed time with my family.  Often when I go home, I expect home and the people there to refuel and reenergize me.  I forget that others might also expect something from me.  Going home or being home for Spring Break is an opportunity for us to more than just relax, it is an opportunity for us to grow in our relationships with family. 


Want to “Do One Thing” while you’re home?  It’s pretty simple.  Love the people who love you.

How do we do this?  Cook dinner with your mom, catch a movie with your dad, grab coffee with your sister or just relax with you brother.  There’s no need to complicate the break, just be purposeful with your time and let your family know you actually want to be with them.


2. The Beach

Unlike me, some of you guys are doing really adventurous things for Spring Break!  In the past week, I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have told me they are going to the beach.  I am trying not to be jealous.  I don’t know about you, but when I think about the beach, all I can imagine is relaxation.  I mean a majority of the time we spend at the beach is just lying around, but I think that it holds so much more potential than that.  When we go to the beach with friends, it is a huge bonding opportunity, but often we focus more on ourselves than we do on our friends.  Something about the beach just pushes us into a comatose stage of bliss, but what if we pulled ourselves out and used this beach trip to go deeper with friends?  One week can change an entire relationship. 

The “One Thing” to do at the beach isn’t get the best tan, but rather to be engaged with those who are there with us.

How can we be more engaged with our friends?  Ask yourself if you really know the people around you.  I don’t mean just know the facts about them, but do you know how they’re struggling, how they’re growing, or how you can help them?  If you don’t, use the beach as your time to ask more questions than you ever have.  The result?  You will love them better.


3. The Mountains

Something about the mountains always brings me back down to earth.  They are a reminder to us that we have been given this amazing thing, and now we have to figure out how we are going to play a part in taking care of it.  Spring Break in the mountains is probably my favorite, but it also stings a little bit.  Why? Because I remember that as big and immovable this world is, everyday we do things that impact it positively or negatively.  

If you’re going to the mountains for Spring Break, let the mountains remind you of how small you are, but also let them remind you of what difference your small self can make.

What does this mean when we go home?  It means we are smart with our resources.  This is what Dot is all about.  Think before you buy, and do some research.  If we all do this together, we can make a huge impact!


4. The City

From Dallas to New York to San Francisco to Portland, tons of people will be heading to really cool cities over Spring Break!  Cities are awesome.  They have so many options of what to do.  Food, music, art, and culture, they’ve got it all.  Cities also have so much need.  From the homeless to the refugees to the orphans, cities are home to some of the most broken in our society. 

If you’re going to a city this Spring Break challenge yourself to not just go to get something from the city, but go to give something back to it.  

Here are some organizations that can help you give back:

Breaks are awesome.  They are just what they sound like.  They let us take a break, but what if instead of taking a break from something, we took a break to do something.  Push yourself this Spring Break, and just “Do One Thing.”    

--For those of you heading on mission this Spring Break, let us know how we can help you or be praying for you!  Dot is so joyful to celebrate how each of you will be used this break!  Let us know all of the cool things that happen while you’re away!