Kendall's Intern Project: Hand-Painted Journals

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One of the most rewarding parts of working at Dot is the opportunity Hallie gives every intern to design their own product. In doing so, we are encouraged to practice independence and humility, learning to accept help where it's needed while still completing a huge task on our own. As a social media intern, this seemed daunting to me- with Dot, I live in the world of Instagram; how was I expected to design and produce an entire project?

I knew from the beginning that I wanted my project to involve our craft paper journals. They're easily my favorite product, and journaling is a long-time habit of mine. I also didn't want to leave Instagram out of the equation; as superficial as social media can be, it is an incredible place to discover new people and small businesses. But where did that leave me? Journals plus Instagram still didn't seem to add up to anything too product-like.


Eventually, I decided to make a product that would involve reaching out to independent artists to paint one-of-a-kind journals. Hallie and I decided it would be best for the first batch of these journals to be through someone I know, and lucky for me, I know some incredibly talented people. The first person to come to mind was a girl I know named Kacy- take a look at @_kacybeck or @kacybeckdesign on Instagram, and you'll immediately understand why. Her art is breathtaking. After one short Instagram DM, Kacy was ready to help us change the lives of children abroad with her art.

After a few emails were exchanged, the Dot office said goodbye to a box full of blank journals waiting to be painted. When we shipped those journals out, we had no idea that our expectations would be blown out of the water by Kacy’s talents. They are stunning. Just before our office’s holiday break, we received the journals back from Kacy, and finally, they're for sale! These journals are the first batch of our new line of one-of-a-kind journals from independent artists that can only be purchased from DotWorking with artists outside of the Dot office has been a beautiful display of how social media can foster great things, and I couldn't be happier with the journals that represent the time I've spent on this project.

Kendall Hardy
Millsaps College Sophomore
Dot Products Social Media Intern