Welcome New Interns!

Happy Fall, y'all! Hallie here, Dot's Founder and CEO. I'm so excited to introduce y'all to our newest intern class! We're doing things a little differently around here this year, so these girls will be with us all year. This way, they get the chance to really see the way all the pieces of Dot fit together throughout an entire year! I'm so excited about this group of girls, and hope you enjoy getting to know them a little better through this blog. Jackson friends, stop by the office and meet them sometime soon!

Meet Katie Morehead, our Operations Intern! She is a sophomore at Mississippi College, majoring in Accounting and is a member of Nenamoosha Social Tribe (MC's version of a sorority). This summer, Katie studied abroad in Spain where she learned Spanish and lived with 12 other students from around the world! Katie can recite the alphabet backwards, and she hates Mac and Cheese (something that we're learning to forgive her for ;]). A few of her favorite things include lasagna, the movie “A Knight’s Tale”, and free T-shirts. We are so excited to have Katie on our team this school year!

Meet Tatum Rosenbaum, one of our Global Partnerships and Events Interns. She is a senior at Mississippi College where she is majoring in Communications. She is obsessed with hedgehogs and loves showing off the multiple Instagram accounts she follows that are dedicated to them. Tatum is up for almost anything and loves to learn about new parts of the country or the world whenever she can! We are so excited to have Tatum on our team this school year!

Meet Kendall Hardy, our Social Media and Communications Intern! She is a sophomore at Millsaps College, where she is studying Communications. A Texas native, Kendall adores her home city of San Antonio and everything that comes with it, even the 105 degree summers! The best thing about her hometown is that her parents and five siblings live there--except her older sister who is also a Millsaps student! Kendall loves exploring new places, even when they're just down the road. She loves simple styles, all things handmade, and Ted Talks, so we think she'll get along just fine at the Dot Office! We are so excited to have Kendall on our team this school year!

Meet Alana Nardini, our other Global Partnerships and Events Intern! She is a senior at Millsaps College where she is majoring in European Studies. She is a fantastic baker and a big foodie and loves a swanky dinner as much as a late night run to Waffle House with her sorority sisters. This summer she studied abroad in France, and her sweet mom joined her for a few days in Paris, as seen in the picture above! In first grade, she broke her elbow, and the doctor thought her lower arm might not grow anymore. Don't worry though, it did! We are so excited to have Alana on our team this school year!

We're so excited about some brand new projects they'll be helping us to implement this school year. Stay tuned for more great things from this world-changing group of ladies!