Who is DOT?

Hey there!

As the summer kicks off and the weather gets hot, we thought we'd give y'all a little introduction to the members of the Dot team! Along with a short bio filled with fun facts, we each designed and decorated a Dot Binder that we thought was fun and expressed a bit about ourselves. It is my hope that you will enjoy learning a bit more about us here in the Dot office!

Hallie  E DJ.jpg

First up, we have our founder and fearless leader, Hallie Darphin. Hallie started Dot as a school project for a class at Mississippi College. She has a passion for sending kids in third world countries to school, and Dot has been the perfect way to do that. If you know Hallie, you know that she loves the color yellow. She even chose the Dot office for her space to work because of the yellow fireplace! Hallie wanted y'all to know that she only ate food from a health food co-op until she was 10, that she was cast as the Cat in the Hat in her 4th grade play, and that she has lived in 3 countries--the United States, Belize, and Uganda. 


Meet Mary Cockrell from Tupelo, MS! Mary is working as a Dot Intern this summer, and will be a sophomore at Mississippi State University come the fall. Some fun facts about Mary include that she loves to crochet and cross-stitch, has killer hand-lettering skills, and never leaves home without her lipstick. She wanted you to know that while she got her first cavity at age 2, she has gone through a phase of eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and has run 2 separate half marathons. 

And I'm Erica Voss! I am a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, and I am spending the summer as a Dot Intern along with Mary. I love cool summer days, cooking new foods, and playing cards. Some fun facts about myself are that I was captain of the bowling team for two consecutive years, and I have traveled to 15 different countries in my 21 years. 

Mary and I will be taking over the Dot Blog this summer, so you will definitely be seeing more of us around here! But for now, hello! and nice to meet you! 

See you soon,