Living Globally Minded


Ashton, our spring blog and social media intern, has headed to camp for the summer, but we've got one more blog from her. We love Ashton and Hailey and are so thankful for the impact they made on Dot this semester! Here's the blog:

Hey guys, it's Ashton!

All of us on the Dot Team believe that we should live every day doing what we can to help others. It's a joke around the office that I can't help but buy anything and everything non-profit or give-back, because I'm such a sucker for doing anything to help others in need. 

As my farewell blog as the Dot Intern, I'm going to share this special piece of my heart: the part that loves helping people and acknowledging the brokenness in the world and does something about it. So from my heart to yours, here are five ways to live globally minded in your everyday life.

1. Be Informed
By being informed, I don't mean that you need to watch the news religiously or commit your every free moment to research, I just mean that we don't need to avoid the information. It's really easy to stay out of "the know" but staying uninformed doesn't help the problem. Not knowing about ISIS or the tragedy in Nepal isn't going to make it better, but once you know, you can help. It's important to know what's going on in the world around you.

You can stay informed simply by following social media accounts that will tell you what's going on, watching documentaries on Netflix, or by making a habit of watching the news. Hiding from the bad things in the world isn't going to make them go away, but being informed about them can lead you to a place where you can help.

2. Talk about it.
This is easy once you're informed on a topic. When you learn about something and you're passionate about it, you can't help but share the truth with the people you love. Informing others is a solid way you can live globally minded. The issues of poverty or human trafficking are things people are often afraid to talk about because they're "too sad" or "too big to do anything about" but not talking about it isn't going to make it go away. The right conversation with the right person could potentially set the ground work for a nonprofit or a national campaign. Do your friends a favor by telling them what you know. Allow them to join you in living a big picture life where you can change the world together. 

3. Pray
This is potentially the most important thing you can do. I think sometimes we get caught up in being afraid to pray for something because we don't want to be disappointed, but we can't do that forever. We serve a God who loves His children, loves justice, and loves hearing our prayers. By praying for the problems themselves or for ways to help, lives will begin to change. Praying about the brokenness, it reminds you that change is possible and doesn't allow you to disregard the reality of it.

4. Purchase with a purpose.
This is my personal favorite because I love nonprofits and give-backs. 

It's easy. Take a second and think before you buy. If you need a new coffee mug, buy one that is a little bit more expensive that provides a job for someone who needs it. Need a new purse? Look for one that was made by a woman who needs to feed her kids. If you need school supplies, but some that provides education for kids around the world (hint hint). I have loads of products from different nonprofits and givebacks ranging from a bag of coffee, a necklace, t-shirts, books, a watch, and more! There are companies that sell things as simple as a white t-shirt that was made by a woman in Africa. Yes, products that hold a purpose are a bit more expensive, but it's worth sacrificing a Chick-fil-a meal or two to provide a family with food. If you're not looking to buy stuff, there's always the option of sponsoring kids through companies like Glorious, Compassion, or Amazima. When you purchase with a purpose, you dollar goes farther than you could imagine. Let the things you buy change lives, it's more fun that way.

5. Do something.
It can start with a conversation or the purchasing of some give-back school supplies. You've just got to get out and do something about the problems in the world. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or thrift store. Take a week, a month, a summer, or a year. Visit the countries that need help. Don't wait for other people to step in where you could. Be active in seeking change and justice.

The world is full of brokenness and people who are in need and we can't live in a way that ignores that. We have to pray and talk and serve in ways that reflects our acknowledgment of the problems. I hope that these tips can open your eyes to how you can change the world, but don't stop here. Surprise us all and go to Africa or raise money to send to a missionary. 

Being a Dot Intern has been one way that I've been able to live globally minded this semester. It's hard saying goodbye, but I'm so pumped for the future of Dot. 

Stay great friends,

Dot Blog & Social Media