Love Yourself & Take a Breath

"Love yourself first & everything else will fall into place." - Lucille Ball


Loving yourself looks different for everyone and for a lot of us it looks different everyday. Life is full and chaotic and sometimes rest is far off, but it's Friday and you deserve a break.

This week has been a lot of things for me (me, as in the girl with the wide, goofy smile in the picture to the right). I'm a sophomore in college and for the past week, I've been living under more academic weight than ever before. I've had papers and presentations and quizzes and deadlines and it's been hard. Busyness has robbed me of the satisfaction in finishing one task because finishing one just means starting another. It's been a cycle of sleep and class and work(s) and unending hours in the library. Right now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop and I'm soaking up every minute I can of writing this blog rather than working on my next assignment. 

It's easy to pick up on the fact that I haven't taken much time for myself in the last ten days. I've spent endless hours perfecting a presentation and re-reading my papers, but "Ashton-care" got lost somewhere in the midst of this and that. That is, until I went to the Dot Office on Tuesday afternoon.

When Hailey and I arrived to the office on Tuesday we were both drained. Hallie quickly asked us how we were and we honestly and joylessly told her the truth, to which she responded, "Okay, we're not working today." 


Our faces dropped. Hailey and I made eye contact and exchanged a look of "Why did we just drive to Jackson? We don't have time to 'not work.'" As we shared thoughts, Hallie danced around the office preparing for our afternoon.

Hallie explained to us her vision for our time. She wanted us to take a minute to breathe, because our semesters have been hard and long and we're close, but not close enough, to being done. She could see our exhaustion more clearly than anything else and she wanted us to rest and reflect. The next hour and a half was a small, but beautifully needed, time of deep breaths and self reflection. Hailey and I both walked out of the office feeling new.

Today, it's your turn.

This afternoon, I want to encourage you to take an hour or two for yourself. I'm going to share with you what we did, but you have freedom here. If self-love looks like time to drink coffee and read your favorite book, do it. No matter how it happens for you, love yourself well and make time to breathe.


Dot Team Guide to "Self Care" 


Take a minute to take deep breaths. That's it. Just breathe. 

Grab a pen and some paper and answer these questions:

  • Three best things about 2015.
  • Three things you love about yourself.
  • Three negative thoughts you have everyday.
  • Three words to describe 2015 so far. 
  • Three things you love about your past. 
  • Three things you love about the future.
  • Three things you can't see life without.
  • Three promises you want to make yourself.

Next, write yourself a letter.
Hallie called her's a "mantra" but all three of our letters looked different. Haley's was a list of things for her to remember, Hallie's was full of promises she made to herself, and mine was a letter of gentle grace and things to think on. We wrote the words of encouragement we forget to give to ourselves and allowed self love to guide our words. I hope you do the same.

Hailey and I blatantly doubted our need for a break, but thankfully our boss is older and wiser than we are. I am so thankful for the little break we had together on Tuesday; it left me feeling able to push through this week and to smile as I'm doing it. Taking care of yourself if so important, even if you don't always think so. Lucille Ball's quote speaks truth. If you love yourself first, everything else falls into place. When you love yourself, it's easier to love everyone and everything else. 

It's Friday and you deserve a break. Take a breath, drink some coffee, and love yourself.

Stay great,
Blog & Social Media Intern