Why I am a Dot Intern

Hello friends! It's Ashton here! It's midway through the semester, which means I'm halfway through my internship and I'm loving every minute of it. Being a Dot intern has been one of the best parts of my college experience so far and I want to tell you how I got here. 

I am a sophomore at Mississippi College (MC) majoring in Interpersonal Communication and minoring in Spanish. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I know that I want, in some way or another, to change lives. Whether that means starting my own company or writing a book or working for a non-profit, I want to work for the good of others rather than a paycheck. I am obsessed with non-profits and give back companies and writing-- which is the short answer as to why I applied to be a Dot Intern. However, short answers don't make good stories, so I will write on.


Last summer I lived in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala for two months serving as a missionary alongside twenty-four of the best people in the world. I went to Guatemala not knowing what to expect but I came back completely changed. In Guatemala, I saw poverty at its worst, fell in love with orphaned children, and had my heart captured by the people of that country. Come August, living in The States was harder than I could have imagined it to be. I lived knowing that there was more to life than what was right in front of me and not being able to shake the need to do something about it. Last semester I prayed begging and hoping that the Lord would provide me a way to make a difference (I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was hoping He would call me to move to Guatemala). After months of prayer and no open doors, I met Hallie.

We met last November while I was sitting on the ground eating barbecue with one of my best friends, who happens to also be a close friend of Hallie. I didn't know much about her or Dot, but I knew that she was doing something right and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. When Spring Internship applications came out, my heart leapt and I knew I had to apply. After meeting with Hallie and hearing the Dot story, its purpose, and her dreams for it, my heart was in it. 

Taking on the title of Dot Blog & Social Media Intern has been a joy. It's given me the opportunity to see the world of give-back companies and to write with a different purpose fueling my words. I never imagined that posting on social media or taking a picture of binders could hold so much meaning. Being a part of the Dot Family is the sweetest thing; working with Hallie and Hailey and meeting our partners has been an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. It's given me the chance to walk closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life (I still have no idea, really). Simply-- I love being a Dot Intern.

The good news for YOU is that if you are a college student, you have the chance to be a Dot Intern too. Whether you live in the Jackson area or in California, you have the opportunity to apply to spend you summer working for one of the best companies in the world. You can find the application by clicking here. They're due on March 28th, so don't wait too long to get them in! You won't regret spending three months packing pencil boxes and scheduling tweets, I promise.

This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, friends. Don't be afraid to take it! 

Stay wonderful, Dot World!