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Hi Dot World! It's the one and only Blog Intern, Ashton, here to introduce you to one of Dot's partners and my new favorite people-- Hannah Ames of Glorious. 

Last week Hailey and I had the opportunity to Skype Hannah, which turned into one of the most inspiring and incredible conversations that these interns have had in a long time. When the Skype Call ended, Hailey and I looked at each other wide-eyed and full-hearted over Hannah's words and her heart for Glorious.

Put simply, Glorious is an incredible foundation, Hannah is an incredible woman and today, I'm going to tell you why. 

Glorious got connected with Dot through a friend of a friend in the midst of the give-back company, heart for world changing, people empowering community that both Dot's and Glorious' founders belong to. When you buy our products, you're providing 1/2 a day of school for one of our eleven students. Through Glorious, Dot sponsors two students, Grace and Tumaini. Tumaini is seven, his name means hope, and he loves holding your hand and coloring and studying math. Grace is quite possibly the most precious five year old in the whole world and she loves smiling and going to school. 

The Organization

Glorious was founded by Hannah Ames after she traveled to Tanzania and fell in love with Glorious Orphan Care. Glorious gets its name from the school in Tanzania that Hannah lived and worked at, the school that Glorious now works to support and love from The States. Glorious is a superhero of a company. They provide food, healthcare, education and employment for the people of their community. The Glorious teams works to lay a foundation for the future of Tanzania, to lead the people of their community to a place of sustainability and joy. Their motto, "Do Something Glorious" speaks truth about every action that their team makes. They are doing glorious things. You can check out their website to learn more. 

Hannah Ames

 Hannah with a Glorious student, Angella. 

Hannah with a Glorious student, Angella. 

Like all of us on the Dot team, Hannah knows that there is more to life than what is right in front of your face. After graduating college, Hannah traveled to Tanzania for a few months to give into the aching in her bones for life beyond American soil. She told us, "I didn't travel to Tanzania to start a non-profit." While Hailey and I were talking to her, we all met on the united front of women who have spent time in developing countries and upon returning home, we knew we couldn't live in the same way we did before we left. Hannah described how she founded Glorious because of the effect the people of Glorious Orphan Care had on her life. She said it was a ripple effect; they changed her life, so she wanted to work to change theirs. She went to Tanzania for the first time in 2009. Now, six years later, that trip has shaped her life more than she ever thought possible. 

 Hannah & Hallie got to meet in person for the first time a few weeks ago! 

Hannah & Hallie got to meet in person for the first time a few weeks ago! 

As the three of us kept talking and Hailey and I sat and soaked up every word that Hannah said, we fell in love with this company. The Glorious school, the Glorious team, and the Glorious community are making a global impact. All of us at Dot are so thankful that we get to be a part of what they're doing. 

I could go on forever and probably write three posts on all that Hannah said, but for now, I'll leave it at that.

Happy Monday, friends. Do something glorious.

Blog & Social Media Intern

"You have to learn how to live your life here like you did over there. Be present, be loving, be generous. Try to be a blessing to everyone you meet."
-Hannah ames

Grace & Tumaini
dot's glorious sponsored students