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We have been so thankful for local and regional news sources who have featured Dot and our partnerships. These stories have helped spread the word about the work that we are doing all over the world, which means more kids will be attending school with our partners! Keep checking back at the Dot blog to get the stories from their sources! 

Ocean Springs High School students help to educate kindergartener 8,000 miles away.

(Above is Grace, the kindergartner that OSHS students helped send to school this year!)

OCEAN SPRINGS -- Ocean Springs International Baccalaureate students Parker Darphin, Alexis Miller and Haydn Brown came together with Dot Products to change a Tanzanian student's life by using their own spare change.

The three students started a fundraiser during the middle weeks in December called "Change for Change." A box was placed in each classroom throughout the school and urged students to fill it up while in their second block classes. What started as pennies and nickels turned into more than $250 and six months of education for a kindergartner named Grace in Tanzania.

"This kind of charity gives people a bigger perspective," said Hallie Darphin, 23, founder of Dot Products. "Working with needy kids from other countries shows how lucky we have it here."

Dot Products was started in June by Darphin and is a school supply store that provides half of a day of education to a child living in poverty for every product they sell.

"When I was in college, I spent a semester at a children's home in Uganda," Darphin said. "The company and my future was built out of that trip."

Darphin said she thought she would be the one serving, but it was the Ugandan children that gave to her.

"I used to worry about what I was wearing for the day," she said. "Those children worry about what they are going to eat for their next meal."

Dot Products helps provide children in Tanzania, Mexico and Congo with funding for an education and Americans may be surprised at how far a small donation can go.

"In the Congo, a year of schooling is $150," Darphin said. "Mexico and Tanzania is only $365 and that covers everything from books to shoes."

Darphin said Ocean Springs High School's Baccalaureate program forces students to think on a broad spectrum and to escape the small bubble of South Mississippi.

"Their generation wants to help," she said. "They just don't know how or believe they can make a difference."

Dot Products accepts donations through its website to continue to help children and anyone interested in creating a fundraiser can contact Hallie Darphin at