Intern Hello


Hey friends! Ashton, your newest (and first ever) Social Media and Blog intern, here!

It's a new semester, a new year, and Dot has a new set of interns (and I'm one of them)! 

This semester Dot has adopted me and another college student into the family to be a part of this incredible, growing organization. My name is Ashton Ray and I will be joyfully serving as the Blog & Social Media Intern this spring. My partner in this intern adventure is named Hailey Elder, Dot's Global & Local Partnership Intern. 

Hailey is a senior Interpersonal and Public Communication major at Mississippi College (MC). She is a native of Tomball, Texas and a lover of the world. On MC's campus, she is an active in Swannanoa Social Tribe and a member of Mortar Board (an honor society for seniors). She attends Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton and serves on their college ministry leadership team. Hailey is seriously one of my favorite people in the world. Last year Hailey hand-delivered vitamins to a very sick, sad, and confused freshman Ashton without ever having a conversation with me prior to that night. She has such huge heart, y'all. She loves others so well and seeks to spread the love of Christ to everyone she interacts with (as I type this, she is making Hallie and I dinner). If you have the chance to meet Hailey (which you hopefully will!), ask her about Haiti and she'll talk to you for hours, but she won't leave you without making sure she knows how you're doing too. We are so pumped to have Hailey as an intern and I'm so thankful to have her as a friend! 

ashton tribe.jpg

As mentioned, I am the Blog & Social Media Intern. I am also a Interpersonal and Public Communication major at MC and an active member of Swannanoa Social Tribe. I am from the tiny town of Orange Beach, Alabama, but as a sophomore in college, I have called Mississippi my temporary-home for almost two years. In The 'Sip, I am the Junior Blog Chief for MC's student blog, Choctawk and a member of Fondren Church College's Leadership Team. 

(Now, I'm going to turn things over to Hailey for a little "About Ashton"! (Hallie is making me do this.))

Ashton is one of those "fall in your lap at just the right time" kind of friends. She is real in a way that balances authenticity  and kindness- a way of living that is rare and stunning. She is a big dreamer. Ashton is a lover of people and an avid supporter of all things non-profit/fair-trade/give back/social awareness/benefits anyone and everyone organizations. (for starters Just as her about To Write Love on Her Arms or walk up to her and inquire about any piece of her clothing/jewelry). Ashton is the real deal. She has perfect missionary hair that has blown in the wind in Guatemala (I don't actually know if its frequently windy there), but regardless it is a place that has captured her heart and sparks evident passion in her words and actions. I LOVE that being a dot intern means being real friends with the one and only Ashton Ray. 

(Back to Ashton!)

Hailey and I are both so excited to be a part of the Dot team this semester. Being a part of Dot, for us, means being part of something that is impacting the world, one student at a time. We're grateful to be spending this semester being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, with a boss who is cooler than we could ever dream to be. Thanks for welcoming us into the Dot World!

-The Best Social Media and Blog Intern Ever.  

P.s. Does being a Dot intern look fun to you? It is!! And you can join the team! Learn more about our Summer Internship here today!