A few months ago, Radish Lab, an awesome interactive creative agency in Brooklyn, NY, contacted us about printing a set of custom journals for the swag bag at a social good conference called the Feast on Good.

Together, we created 375 beautiful journals (as seen above) that each funded 1/4 of a day of school. With this funding, we paid for Paulin Masudi, a sixth grader in Congo, to go to school for almost five months. Thanks Radish Lab! (Also, go check them out. Radish Lab is all about doing great design for good people! They're fantastic, and we're dreaming up ways to work with them again soon.)

And since we had so much fun working with them, we are making custom work available to other awesome companies and organizations like yours!

So here's how this is going to work:

Step One:

Email Hallie to get the ball rolling. That's Let her know you're interested and give her a little information about what you're looking for.  

Step Two:

After we talk details, pricing, and students, you decide who's the designer. Submit your design or have one of our fantastic designers create your masterpiece. No matter who designs it, we'd love to include a picture of one of our students and some information about the good that you're doing by partnering with Dot!

Step Three:

Accept the design, and we'll send it to the press! Currently, custom work takes 4-6 weeks to process (from first email to finished product).

Step Four:

Share your journals with friends and customers and be proud of the difference you're making in the lives of students around the world! Plus, we'll include you in our social media campaigns as an extra "Thanks!" for helping us send kids to school!

So you've read the instructions. Are you in? Email Hallie today!