Open for Business--A Word From Hallie

Three years ago, I traveled to Uganda to live and work at a home and school for orphaned children for a semester. It was there, amongst village students and children's home residents, that my eyes were open to the dire need of quality education in developing countries and the huge impact it could have on systemic poverty. I returned to the States to finish college, but my life and goals were forever changed.

A year and a half ago, I began developing a business plan that I believe is a small but worthy part of that systemic change, and this week, I'm announcing the launch of Dot -- School Supplies Changing Lives.

Here's the deal. You buy pencils, binders, and journals, and we fund education for children around the world. Half a day of school with every product you buy. We're partnering with people who love Jesus and are serving the "least of these" in developing countries. With the profits of our products, we'll provide the necessary funds to send the children they work with to school. This is much more than a handout. This is a hand up out of poverty, not just for the child we'll sponsor but for generations to come. 

We're starting small. With three products. Binders, pencils, and journals. And two organizations in two countries. Mexico and Congo. We've read the critiques of other companies like ours, and we want to ensure we do all things with excellence, both for our customers and the children we support. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest news and information as we grow and expand!

So how do you get involved? There are three ways that I'll be explaining in detail on the Dot Blog in the weeks to come. 

1. The most obvious: Buy your school supplies from us!
Preorders begin today and products will start shipping in the middle of July, in plenty of time for the beginning of school. Buy a product and we'll fund a half a day of school. It's that easy.

2. Share Dot! 
This is not a time to get quiet. With social media and the ever-shrinking size of our world, it's time to use your voice. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even SnapChat. Blog about it. Yell it from the mountaintops. Sing it in the valley low. We need your help to get the word out. The more you talk, the more children will get the opportunity to learn to read and write and change the world. For all you busy-bodies who ever were told to be quiet in class, this is your moment to use that mouth. 

3. Learn and help!
Dot partners with incredible organizations that do amazing work around the globe. Learn more about them on our website or theirs and find out how you can get involved. Want to help but don't need school supplies? All donations through our "Donate and Educate" tab will go directly to funding education. 

Thank you in advance for your support. We need each and every single one of you to effect sustainable global change for future world leaders. 

--Hallie Darphin