Change for Change at Ocean Springs High School.


In the month of December, we partnered with the students of Ocean Springs High School to raise money to send Grace in Tanzania to school. (Grace is in the picture to the left.) She's a kindergartner at the Glorious Orphan Care and School in Tanzania. Each second block at the high school was challenged to fill the Christmas box in their classroom with as much change as they could, and the class that had the most won a Tatonut (the best donut ever) party.

Congratulations to Mrs. Bowen's second block English class for raising the most money and winning the Tatonut party, and thank you so much to Ocean Springs High School! Together, the students raised enough money to send Grace to kindergarten for more than six months! 

2014-11-30 15.20.56.jpg
2014-11-30 15.19.44.jpg

As an Ocean Springs alumni, I (Hallie Darphin) couldn't be more proud. As a member of the Dot Team, I couldn't be more thankful that the students of OSHS chose to get involved with students just like them around the world.

Ocean Springs High School, we are thankful for you! Learn more about how our products are bringing hope to students around the world by checking out our website!

--Hallie and the Dot Team