Little Things. Great Love.


Sometimes you don't know quite where you're headed. You only have a tiny piece of the map, and you're not even sure if it's the right one.

We send funding to our partners as we sell product. Last night, I sent the last portion of our donation to fully fund our sixth student, and this morning I got this email from our partner, Alain-Daniel, at Rudi International.


 'Little things, great love.'

It's the day to day that matters. The in-between. The stuff that feels pretty meaningless. Driving to the post office and packing boxes and emailing people you find on Instagram. All the little moments add up to the big ones, and life is about doing all of those with great love.

I'm so incredibly thankful to be on this adventure with partners that care so much about people. They are selfless and strong, and they change and challenge me more than I'll ever be able to help them. On the fuzzy days, they answer the 'why?'. On the bright days, they show me unending joy. They send pictures of kids and tell stories of life change coming through education. They believe fiercely in countries and people who so many have written off. They travel ridiculous distances and speak hard truths backed up by decades of hard living and wisdom from their creator. They're the kinds of people that put it all in perspective; the kind that make me want to work harder and develop more beautiful supplies so that they can continue in their incredible pursuits. 

Who are those people for you?