An Announcement from Hallie.

Hey friends! Hallie and Brand, founder and owner of Dot, here.  

If you've been following this journey since the beginning or even for the past few years, you may have noticed that things have gotten significantly quieter (and most of the time silent) in this little space over the past few months. 

I'm still here. We (as in me and my husband Gus and our sweet puppy Maestro) are doing really well. There's been a lot of life in the in between time of wrapping up the shop last summer and now, and things are really beautifully good. This spring has been a busy one as we've traveled a lot for Gus to visit and interview at MBA programs all over the country, and we're thrilled to announce that we'll be landing at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee for the next two years. 

After a lot of prayer and conversation with trusted family, friends and mentors, we've decided close our Dot product line and stop selling our branded school and art supplies at the end of this month. We have loved being a part of this industry and space, but my heart is to help people make big impact with their small decisions and the products no longer are the best way I know how to do that. 

I do want to make it clear that Dot as an organization will continue in a small capacity. We have a few small projects (one being our school supply bundle partnership with Christ Covenant School) that will be continuing under the brand of Dot. We're keeping those limited for now, and keeping a back of the mind prayer about what God may do longterm--if anything at all. For now, my "one thing" is to learn to love and be a part of this new adventure God has given us, and I'm excited to be a part of what's going on in Nashville.  

The past four years of running Dot have been some of the very best of my life, and I want to thank you for all of your support. I can honestly say I've learned more through this adventure than any other one pursuit in my life thus far, and it was worth every single moment. 

dot sticker.jpg
edit 17.jpg

Over the next two weeks, we'll be clearing out all of our remaining inventory. We want to celebrate all the good that this chapter has been by giving you one last chance to get a little piece of Dot for your own. Everything in the shop is currently 15% off with the coupon "DoOneThing". Over the next two weeks, we may mark it down even further as we approach our end date of May 15. 

We've got just a tiny little bit of inventory left.

About 65 planners, 90 blank journals (also selling those in packs of 5 for SUPER cheap), 30-ish handpainted journals, a few pencil sets, about 30 bags, t-shirts and all of the extra little things. 

We've added all remaining inventory to the website and even have some leftover holiday journals available! I'm assuming it'll all go quickly, especially the handpainted line (some of which is on the website for the first time ever this week!). Go check it out, and grab a couple of your favorites. We'll keep you updated on social media if we run out (or think we will run out) before May 15th! 

Thank you for supporting our work over the past four years and making it possible for us to provide more than forty full year scholarships (and so many more incredible adventures) to students around the world. We did one thing, and it changed everything. 

-Hallie Brand

Living out "Simplicity Allows Creativity". A note from Hallie.


Hey friends,

Hallie Brand here, Dot's Founder, with a quick note about some changes you'll see (and may have already noticed) over the past few months and next few months. 

This journey of entrepreneurship has been a major highlight of my life, but some things have got to change to make it sustainable for this new season.

I'm working on reshaping the way I talk about things on social media and our mass communications. You see, over the past few years, we've had this big and ever rotating "team" of sorts made up of Interns, part-time staff, and me. I've had the opportunity to mentor nineteen amazing college girls through our intern program, and they have changed my life and my leadership in a thousand different ways. We've focused on empowering students--and I wasn't a student anymore--so it was easy to let my student team be the focus. However, I'm in a season now where God is blessing the small things in my life, and I want to honor that. We'll continue to do projects with different people (and honestly I've learned that I have no idea what the future holds with all of this), but for the next few months, you'll be hearing mostly just from me. In the beginning, I adopted a "we" mentality to make myself believe big things about the company I was creating, and it was beautiful the way that it made people trust and join our community. However, today, it's just me again in our office (at my home) running this crazy little thing God has called me to again and again. 

It's going to be quieter than it once was. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the voices on social media lately. There have been times where connecting with people on social media was incredibly life-giving for me, but over the past few months, I've found myself riddled with comparison syndrome and then guilt when I wasn't living up to my own expectations or the standards that others were setting. I'm not saying that social media is a bad thing. Quite the contrary actually, it's helped us reach thousands of people around the globe with our message over the past for years. But this season is one where I personally need a little less of it in my life. I'll still be posting--I'm assuming that Instagram or our email newsletter is how you found this--but it will be less often than the once a day standard I once had, and it'll probably be more centered around a particular project that we're working on (or blog posts about fun things we're learning about making small decisions with a big impact). 

I'm incredibly blessed to be in a position where I have a platform to use for good, and I want to do that to my biggest ability. And I think the best way I can do that now is to talk about being small. To talk about Doing One Thing. Because life isn't about the huge one-time things that everyone sees. It's about the day-in-and-day-out living life with the people you love and the practices you implement to make yourself more whole. And this year, as I learn more about those practices, I want to bring you alongside me. 

I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but I'm praying and thinking through changes that I'll be implementing this year. I'll share those with you as they are confirmed in my heart and head. My hope is still the same, that Dot would be a place that empowers people to live out their callings through education. But my definition of education and callings and empowerment are all a little more grey and nuanced than they were when we first started. Because that's life, right? 

Thank you for understanding and for being on this journey of a life well lived with me.


Owner and Founder, Dot Products

Do One Thing : Hurricane Harvey


Support our Texan friends with a limited edition journal
supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


A Message from our Founder,
Hallie D. Brand.

I was in ninth grade when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts, wiping away so much that we held dear and pouring more than ten feet of water into our recently renovated home. To say that it was tragic simply doesn't sum up the experience, but looking back twelve years, it was one of the most formative periods of my life and I'm thankful for the lessons of community, simplicity, recovery, and so much grace that came with that time. Since then, we've been given a number of opportunity to help people in their time of need, and today we've got a big one for you. 


As you know, Hurricane Harvey caused devastation in south Texas last week.
Our talented intern and Texan, Kylie Stinson, created the Texas Journal to support the recovery efforts and provide school supplies and other necessities to families who have lost everything as they adjust to a "new normal".

We're working on confirming the exact students we will support, and we will get those details to you as they are confirmed.

Journals are available through September 13th and will begin shipping September 23rd. Order yours today and support recovery efforts in south Texas.


Welcome to our new Intern (and Dot Planner Team Member) Kylie Stinson! I have loved working with Kylie on the Planner all summer, and I'm so excited to have her learning about all things Dot this fall! 


“Simplicity Allows Creativity” became our mantra and goal as we walked through the process of creating the Dot Planner, and we love that you can now actually carry this reminder with you daily. Hand-lettered by our planner designer, Kylie, this quote has been a recurring theme on our feeds and in our lives.


Did you get a chance to order your Dot Planner this summer? We've got a few left on our website here, and we'll have more available as Christmas approaches. 

#PlanOneThing : The Making of a Planner

Today, we wanted to explain the "WHY?" behind many of our planner decisions. I asked Sarah Kate and Kylie a little about the process to developing the planner and why they made some of the decisions they did. Remember, this project was almost 100% their implementation. Alana and I definitely had some input, but the girls were the brains behind this beautiful planner now in your hands!

And if you haven't gotten one yet, what are you waiting for?


Why Simplicity?

    Over the years, I have had many planners, and so many of those have been so fun (but also so busy).  Throughout this past year, God has been weighing on my heart to simplify, not just for this planner but in all aspects.  I have been learning that simplicity is a good foundation for creativity to flow.  Busy isn’t always best and saying yes to everything (stuff, people, activities) drains us and puts us in a box.  However, when we seek to choose those things that are life-giving and try not to do all the things, we are able to fully let our creativity flow (and that looks so different for everyone, which is beautiful).

Why This Layout and These Features?

 The design of this planner was built upon the idea that "Simplicity allows creativity". (You'll see that quote on bags soon!) We believed that by choosing a bare planner design, we were choosing to let you guys take control to use the planner in the way that best equips you.  So often in my life, my planner has been a yardstick of success measurement -- if it was empty I was lazy, and if it was fully I was productive.  I have grown to see how detrimental this was to my health--physical, emotional, and spiritual, and I continued to learn that we were not created to be machines.  This planner has just enough foundation to empower and equip you to take it and run.  And that is our hope.

Getting It Done 

Guys, the Dot Planner has been in the works since February! After getting the doodles into the Dot Team’s hands, they told me to start thinking up a vision and team.  From there we began discussing how best to market the planner to a particular audience (thank you Dr. Price in the Business School at MC).  I recruited the team (Kylie, SB, and Mel), and from there we have been taking incremental steps to complete this baby!  Development of the actual planner took a lot of brainstorming with Hallie and Kylie, first, second, third, and fourth digital drafts, FINALLY receiving proofs from the printshop, changing a thousand little things about the proofs... and at each step, we continued moving onward.  

Then came Hallie’s peptalks about all things social media (which scared me to death!!), but we did it.  

By the time we started sharing on social media, we were hopeful and a little bit hesitant. What if noone ordered?? We planned to order 50 and bumped it up to 100 right before we launched. We pressed "Publish" on the first social media post and sat back to wait. But we didn't have to wait long. The preorders came quickly! We cheered with each one that came in (literally guys, you should see our group message). EIGHTY ONE guys, originally we were preordering 50 and worried that we wouldn't sell out of those. Overwhelmed in the most blessed way is the only way to describe this feeling that has overcome our team. And you know what, my description is all over because let’s face it, this process has been the most breathtaking whirlwind and I am still pinching myself that they are finally out in your hands to use and #PlanOneThing!


Supporting SK's Vision

When Sarah Kate came to me with this planner dream, she had a vision for it. When I say vision, I mean she (literally) already had every page sketched out how she thought a good planner would be constructed, which made my job that much easier. My first step was taking these sketches and turning them into a usable design. From there, we looked at the pages, printed them out, filled them in, so we could make sure we were designing a planner that not only looked pretty, but was actually functional. The whole design process we were bouncing ideas off of each other and tweaking things, and after about four finished drafts, we finally got it right! One of the challenges of the process was making this design that was so simple feel complete without all the extra elements. It was rewarding to be able to take SK’s dreams and visions of this planner and turn them into an actual, physical design!

It has been such a joy to see these girls work their magic. Their gifts and talents are different and so complimentary, and we've found a good team truly is one in which each person works within their unique abilities! Next week, we'll be sharing some of the tips and tricks we have for getting started in your Dot Planner. We're loving following the hashtag and seeing in so many of your stories how you've started to #PlanOneThing! Tag us and follow along next week as we bring you the next blog post in the series : A Guide To Go and Do

Got questions about how to practically use each section? Share them with us in an email to and we'll make sure to answer in an upcoming blogpost (and in your email inbox too!). 

#PlanOneThing : The People Behind The Planner

Hey friends! If you've been following this adventure of creating a planner, you know that there's an incredible team of college students that have worked to make it possible. Today, as the first piece of our #PlanOneThing series, we wanted to introduce you to the girls! I (Hallie, founder and owner of Dot), asked the girls a couple questions to let you in on the talent behind the planner and what they were thinking as they dreamed up this beautiful book! Read about each girl below, and check back tomorrow for our next post : The Making Of A Planner! 

The Girls


Sarah Kate Griffin


Kylie Stinson


Melissa Sones


Sara Beth Pardue


Student Visionary
Find her on Instagram : @sk.griff

Q: Tell me about yourself. 
A: I am a senior at Mississippi College, which usually makes me gulp pretty hard considering May is kind of a question mark.  I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Studio Art and General Business.  I love all things stationery & school supplies.  I think my favorite thing to do is learn -- from new subjects in school to new hobbies to new adventures! Speaking of learning, I am learning to love coffee--I’ve loved the atmosphere of it for a long time, but I am finally coming around to the drink.

Q: What made you pursue creating a planner with Dot?
A: Honestly, I was discontent (in February, whoops) with my planner, and really lots of planners that I have had over the years.  After thinking and lots of self-pep talks, I finally got the courage to waltz into The Dot Shop. Instead of studying for a test one night, I doodled some ideas. Before walking in the Shop, I had butterflies in my stomach & my nerves were all over the place; however, there was just something about those two ladies who were so encouraging.  When they said I was going to head it up, I was floored; never did I think they would do that, but their confidence in me spurred me onward.  From there I slowly (not because I didn’t want to scream it from the rooftops, but because I was scared it wasn’t going to happen) began letting in my community; and their support helped me to take bolder steps, confident that doors were flying opened and that this was so much bigger than a planner.  So really, I know this was a God thing & that is where my courage came and continues to come from--and that has spurred me forward in leaving every ounce on the table.  From overcoming fears of social media to learning communication as a unit, this entire process has been breaking boundaries & the growth is something that is both hard and good.   

Q: Why did you choose the people you chose to help you create this planner?
A: I still am just in awe that Hallie put the task of forming a team in my hands.  I was sure that this project turned planner was just going to be something my idea initiated & then Hallie and the Dot Team ran with.  Nope.  Hallie’s confidence in me, helped me to have confidence in choosing these ladies that have poured so much into this planner.  

First, I needed a graphic designer.  I have seen Kylie’s masterpieces as I have worked alongside her over the past year, and the minute I needed a graphic designer, I just knew.  This entire process has been a whole lot of relationship building on top of spreads and material picking; and getting to know Kylie has been one of the biggest blessings from this.  Her creativity and passion merged together in all the right ways to bring this vision to life!

Knowing I wanted to incorporate illustrations into the planner (as a stress reliever for me and hopefully you too), my first thought was that I needed a theme.  I had seen some of Melissa's and SaraBeth’s artwork, and I loved their styles and their hearts; so I quickly began connecting dots to make it all work.  Thankfully Kylie and Hallie helped with those dots, and we decided that Melissa could do a spread inspiring users to do one thing in your home, while SB inspired to do one thing as you travel.  And let me tell you, when they said yes and sent in their designs, Hallie, Kylie, and I were ecstatic & they merged together beautifully!


Graphic Designer
Find her on Instagram: @kyliestnsn

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: I'm from Tyler, Texas and am a junior at Mississippi College. I'm a graphic design major but I’m pretty much always searching for a new art skill to learn. (Currently it’s sewing, with the goal of making my own clothes!) I'm constantly pushing myself to create, whether it’s taking portraits, designing wedding invitations, painting, or making a planner. When I'm creating, I love listening to either podcasts or musical soundtracks. I’m passionate about traveling and meeting people around the world because it really reminds me how big our God is.

Q: How did you get into graphic design?
A: I’ve always loved art, but I thought it would always just be a hobby. That changed when my high school art teacher showed me that art could be a career beyond being a teacher. I chose a graphic design major not because I knew anything about it, but because it seemed like the most practical art degree. In my career so far, people have constantly had faith in me and seen more in me than even I did. I started my first major graphic design job, helping design icons for an app, when I had practically nothing in my portfolio. Despite this, my boss saw the art I had done and chose to give me a chance. Someone else who gave me a chance was Sarah Kate! I had obviously never designed a planner and wasn’t exactly proficient in InDesign (the software I used to design the planner), but SK believed in the art that I had done and that our style and passions would be a good fit. And I’m so glad that she did.

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner Team?
A: I was studying in London when SK asked me to be on the planner team. I had been praying about my fall semester, and which 3 or 4 things I could commit to so that I wouldn’t spread myself too thin. I knew this would be a big yes, but even despite the distance in both time and miles from fall semester, I knew this was a yes I needed to say. This was an encouraging and life-giving project, and one that could potentially help others simplify too!

Coloring Page Illustrator
Find her on Instagram: @mell_31

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: My name is Melissa Sones. I am a sophomore Interior Design major at Mississippi State University and a member of Chi O. I'm truly a kid at heart. My favorite movies are Trolls and Moana, and I strive to be like Princess Poppy! I love scrunchies, and on my 20th birthday, I got ID'd for a rated R movie because I look like a kid too! 

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner team?
A: I said yes because I wanted to express my love for drawing by creating fun sketches of interior objects for people to let their imaginations run free while planning. I love to plan and know how stressful it can become sometimes so I think the doodle spreads are perfect for a little stress relief. I had so much fun creating the spread and hope everyone enjoys it!!


Coloring Page Illustrator
Find her on Instagram: @sara_beth_pardue

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: Hey, my name is Sara Beth Pardue! I'm nineteen years old and I'm a sophomore at Hinds Community College. I'm studying Art and if you're around long enough you'll catch me talking unapologetically about clothes. Although I have declared a major I like to keep an open mind about my future and give myself room to explore. I really hope my exploration includes opening my own clothing store one day! In addition to fashion I like to let my other creative juices flow -- I have been drawing since I can remember but I really started concentrating on the arts only as a senior in high school.

Q: Why did you say yes to being a part of the Dot Planner team?
A: I said yes to being an illustrator in the DOT planner because if a simple piece of art can provoke someone to take action in any part of their life, I feel that I have successfully taken my opportunity to offer what I can. Also, anything that Sarah Kate is apart of is bound to be amazing!

And there you have it, the Dot Planner Team! I hope you've loved learning about our girls as much as I've enjoyed working with them. We only have about 30 planners left, so grab yours today! 

Join us tomorrow for part two of the series: The Making of a Planner!

Spring Update

Happy Spring from 205 W Leake St!

We are so excited about warm weather, sunshine, and fun events on the Brick Streets. 
Over the past couple of weeks, we've received fun photos of your Dot gear in awesome places from the Grand Canyon to Honduras. 


Of all the fun this year has brought, the #DesignOurTee campaign has been our most exciting endeavor yet. We received lots of submissions from talented student artists, and we loved getting to involve our supporters in this decision. 5,000 votes later, and we are reminded of how crazy awesome it is to be part of a network of doers and givers that know how to have fun for a good cause. 

Josh Gaddy's design won, with a reminder for us to Do One Thing in not one but five languages. This shirt is available to order online now, and will be in the shop soon!


Upcoming Events

Sidewalk Sessions
Thursday, March 30 // 6-9pm // The Brick Streets
Join us on the brick streets for spring air and live music. Local shops will be open with new lines of fun things, activities for all ages, and music by local artists. Drop by for a minute or stay all evening - just make sure to tell us hello!

Clinton Spring Market
Saturday, April 8 // The Brick Streets
Here's another chance to support local businesses, this time at the annual spring market. Stores, restaurants, and local makers will be selling their goods with a fresh springtime vibe. 

Stray at Home Festival
Saturday, May 13 // 11am-7pm // Smith Park, Jackson
We are excited to be among the talented and ambitious makers that are pulling together this annual festival in Jackson. 
From the website:

Stray at Home is a day in which those who create connect with those who enjoy, and stories and art are spread into our homes.  We are here to share and celebrate their beauty – the designers and builders – the dreamers and doers – the musicians, artistic muses, and culture makers.

Do One Thing this Spring

Whether you join us on the brick streets, take our products on a life-changing trip, or find other ways to change the world, we want to be part of it. Keep tagging us in photos and using our products for good. Enjoy the spring weather, and stop by and see us sometime!

- The Dot Team


We're designing a new Dot T-shirt, and we need you! We love working with you on our hand-painted journals, so we are so excited to include you in this project too! We are passionate about empowering students, whether that be our student sponsor children around the world or local student artists, so we are thrilled to collaborate with the the talented students around us!

edit 2.jpg

 What We Need From You :

A T-Shirt design that encompasses our motto "Do One Thing" and keeps in mind that we are a school and art supply company. "Do One Thing" means something different to everyone; from the choices we make about the products we buy, to using our art for good, be creative and figure out what it means to you. We also want this to be a great product for everyone, so try to keep the design relatively gender neutral. Overall, get creative and make this your own!

What You Get From Us : 

Your design on our t-shirt! You'll also receive 3 shirts for you and your friends, an opportunity to collaborate with Dot on a hand-painted journal line, $75 worth of Dot Products, and a Starbucks giftcard! 

edit 2.jpg

The Rules : 

  1. Artists must be enrolled in an educational program of some sort. (A.K.A You gotta be a student.)

  2. All artwork must be one of a kind and completely unique to the artist.

  3. To submit your design, email the design in JPG file along with a picture of yourself to then fill out our Google Form. We will email you when we receive your completed submission.

  4. Unfortunately, current and former Dot Interns are not eligible to apply.

We are so excited to see what you come up with! For more information go to We can't wait to hear from you!

Do One Thing : Encourage

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention
— Oscar Wilde

Throughout my life, in all seasons, encouragement from the people around me has impacted me more than anything else. When I'm struggling in school or with a situation in life, a kind text from a friend can change my whole perspective. Because of this I have developed a love and passion for using my words for good.

When the people around you are struggling, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless to help, but I want you to know it is so much easier than you think. Small, thoughtful gestures can often have much more of an impact than huge events or celebrations. People simply need to know that they are loved and cared for, and you have so much power to make this happen.  

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body; use yours to lift someone up today.
— Terri Ann Armstrong

When I want to do good for someone, I can often get overwhelmed and intimidated and end up doing nothing at all, so I have come up with a list of practical ways we can encourage and uplift the people around us:

  • When a friend is having a bad day, surprise them with their favorite coffee or drink
  • If you think about someone throughout your day, text them. Let them know you're thinking of them
  • Pay attention to people's strengths and what they do well, and tell them. Don't let what they do go unnoticed
  • If you're out shopping with a friend and they notice something they love, but don't buy it, get it for them and leave it at their door with a note telling them how much you love them and how much they deserve this gift
  • If a friend is going through a hard time, take her flowers and be willing to listen, but also be understanding if she doesn't want to talk.
And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.
— Hebrews 10:24

There are a few things to keep in mind to be an effective encourager : be quiet and be consistent. 

Be Quiet :  There are two sides of this. First, be silent. Listen. You will never be able to fully care for the people around you if you don't even know whats going on in their life. Listen when they speak and always be watching for opportunities to encourage. Next, be quiet when doing good, not announcing everything you do. Your motivation should always be to uplift, not to be praised. 

Be Consistent : With so much uncertainty and change in our lives, we need people we can depend on . Be that for others. A note of encouragement is helpful and necessary, but it is not always enough on its own. A quick text once a week or meeting for dinner once a month can make a huge difference.

While it would be great to be able to encourage all of our friends all of the time, it just not possible. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the amount of people and options, we can choose one person to focus on and encourage them, pray for them, check on them, and serve them. We can't change the whole world in one day, but we can daily change the world for one.

We can all Do One Thing to encourage those around us and use our words to do good.


Do One Thing : Technology

Today I woke up to an alarm on my phone that goes off every weekday morning. I got out of bed and, without a thought, opened the Facebook notifications I’d accumulated overnight. Before I made coffee or brushed my teeth, I had checked my email, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is what people mean when they say that our generation is always online. It’s not something we can avoid, really; technology is woven into our lives. The question, then, is not if we should use the online world that is so readily available to us. The question is how should we use it?

It’s funny, but some of the best advice I ever heard about social media came from a tweet. Essentially, the author who posted it wanted to give a general reminder that it is your choice whether or not social media will be life-giving or life-taking. After reading that tweet, I became friends with the unfollow button. Before you can see the good in the world that comes from technology, you need to be comfortable with removing the not-so-good. This means not only unfollowing negative or unnecessary pages, but also learning to log off once in awhile.

It’s easy to welcome distractions into our lives, but there are still a lot of important things happening outside of our phones. It’s important to learn the discipline of leaving your phone in another room or turning it off sometimes so that you can really focus. Whether you’re working in an office, studying in your dorm room, or spending time with your family, there are some things in life that are better accomplished without a newsfeed in front of you.

The most important thing, the thing that allows us to use the internet for good, is remembering that behind every Twitter handle or Instagram name is a person. The power of social media is its ability to bring together individuals who otherwise would never have shared the same space. That’s a privilege, and we should honor it by speaking life and spreading messages of hope online.

There are a lot of ways to do that, and a lot of great people are using social media to do great things. Artists and writers have opportunities like never before to share their gifts with the world. News sources make it possible to be aware of what’s going on in the world and how you can affect change. On Instagram and Facebook, people’s stories are being told that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Organizations are posting positive messages and spreading the word about causes that make the world better.

You can do that too.

Send an encouraging message.
Follow a cause you care about.
Put your phone away and have an unplugged conversation.
Clear your newsfeeds of negativity.
Share a story that’s important to you.

Today, Do One Thing to make technology a power for good in your life and in the world.


I'm Alexa Jenkins, the Dot Social Media & Operations Intern!

 I'll be sharing on the blog for the next few weeks about different areas of life where we can Do One Thing to make the world a better place.
I think that small things like who we follow on Instagram and where we buy our coffee can have a big impact, and I hope these posts are an encouraging reminder that your choices are important.